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Companies/ funders can facilitate IT training of NGO and Government officials making them more efficient and productive in their respective work.
  • Wish to facilitate our IT training workshops?
  • Wish to share your stories and experiences?
  • Wish to sponsor or run IT training workshops?
NGO and government officers can increase productivity,improve communication and organize information efficiently by getting trained in IT skills.
  • Wish to participate in our IT training workshops?
  • Wish to get assistance on a specific IT project?
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Working with Government


Through IT training of NGO staff and Government officials, the Foundation is facilitating the Government’s IT literacy agenda.



Our programs bring to you,an opportunity to actively participate in the inclusive development of India. Discover how you can use this platform to contribute or benifit from your partnership with us. JOin us in promoting technology for good, changing India bit by bit? Read more about other programs.