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Hiring from excluded communities makes good business sense.

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Impact Sourcing refers to outsourcing that benefits the underserved. The Foundation is working, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, on researching and supporting the sector.

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Impact Sourcing

The Indian IT-BPM industry has over the years evolved into a dynamic, knowledge-oriented sector that has become one of the most significant growth drivers for the country's economy. As the BPM sector continues to mature and evolve new models, organizations are becoming increasingly focused around ‘responsible business’ while addressing ever-increasing employment costs in urban areas.This initiative is targeted at increasing long-term employment in the BPM sector for those with limited opportunities - what is being termed as 'Impact Sourcing' (IS). IS refers to an array of BPM initiatives including rural BPMs, mainstream players hiring excluded populations, and specialized BPMs for particularly vulnerable communities like the disabled.


 The Foundation’s work to grow and support Impact Sourcing eco-system is divided into three pillars:


Research of the Eco-system

The Foundation is carrying out in-depth ‘market mapping’ in India to assess capabilities, strengths and challenges faced by the Impact Sourcing Service Providers. Detailed research on engagement models, concerns and successes in IS, talent development and best practices is being done.


Deep dive case studies

With over 5,000 ISSP seats across India, organizations with a range of clients and business models are enjoying success. However, the overall growth has been slow. The Foundation is conducting two in-depth case studies to document and illustrate the ways that successful ISSPs can address their most obstinate challenges.


Knowledge Dissemination and Sector Promotion

Using best practices and lessons learnt, the Foundation is working to engage with the IS sector, international donors and potential clients. In this way, it iscreating a business case for Impact Sourcing and opportunities for investment in this sector. Vendor meet-ups are also being used to link ISSPs with interested BPMs and clients.



The objective of this initiative is to act as a platform in the creation of an ecosystem to catalyze growth of the Impact Sourcing space. The forum can be used by the stakeholders for exchange of ideas, possibilities and mutually beneficial opportunities.