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Source for Change: Bringing Women closer to Life

source of change

While female infanticide and selective exclusion is the norm in rural districts of Rajasthan,one organisationis turning the tide. Source for Change (SFC) or PiramalUdgam is a BPM in Bagar(a small district in rural Rajasthan) which emerged as a Corporate Social Responsibility action and an innovative rural project initiated by the Piramal Foundationto use technology for rural development, particularly for women.


What started in 2007 as India's first all-women BPM, has now evolved into a full-fledged state-of-the-art IT-BPM service provider with a resource capacity of 270 seats. The centre handles data entry, voice based and logistics management services for its clients. The nature of works varies from image entry and quality checking of insurance forms, data-entry of survey forms, telecom customer application forms to digitization of land records and more. Their voice services include handlingin-bound callsin the space of telemedicine, gathering information through symptoms and providing diagnosis and healthcare solutions to the patients.


The centre has a comprehensive and rigorous training program wherein all associates undergo a two pronged training process. The core program includes training in computer skills, English and Hindi typing and any process specific training including data entry, data verification, bill processing and market research. Emphasis on soft skills leads to training on team building, confidence-building, leadership and communication. SFC also implements Failure Mode Effects Analysis(FMEA) processes at various levels for high quality and operational excellence.


The impact stories are in abundance as you hear from Rajini, a 36 year old mother of two with a higher secondary education. Having workedat the centre for 6 years now, she says, "I was married off young and was not very educated either. I had two kids to look after and my husband remained sick most of the time. I had lost all hope of having a regular income. However, SFC provided women like myself with an opportunity! Only due to SFC have I been able to fund my children's education. My daughter has now finished her education and now works in a reputable hospital in Jaipur."