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  • Government

    The Government enables growth by playing its part in the creation of right ecosystem. Favorable public policy and development of basic infrastructure can help in accelerating the growth of Impact Sourcing, while e-governance activities provide opportunities for more business


  • Impact Investors / Funders

    Investors provide the much needed fuel for growth. Apart from the investments, the investors bring in direction, accountability and discipline in the industry.


  • Impact Sourcing Service Providers

    The ISSPs form the core of the ecosystem: leveraging the support of other stakeholders, the ISSPs create strong businesses fundamental to drive growth.


  • Mainstream BPMs

    Working directly or indirectly (through partnerships with the ISSPs), the mainstream BPMs work towards growth of the IS space. They play their role in bringing work along with development of competencies.


  • Potential Clients

    Potential clients looking for outsourcing solutions can explore the ISSPs - leveraging the cost advantage, professional approach along with the social impact provided by them.


  • Service Providers

    Organizations offering services like skills development, technology solutions, infrastructure support etc. work in tandem with the ISSPs for creation of a healthy ecosystem.


  • Media & Researchers

    Research & consulting organizations and media play an important role in exchange of information. Keeping a tap on the trends of the industry, the research firms play the role of thought leaders and help the industry chalk out their future plans.