NSIF 2017 Finalists

  • Mphasis Primary and Secondary Education

    • 1. Dubroo




      Dubroo has aimed to address this challenge by creating a free online crowdsourcing tool for people to dub Educational video content (from Youtube etc) so that they can be made available in various languages all over the world. The solution offers an easy, accessible and affordable solution for localized video content.



    • 2. SkillAngels


      EdSix Brain Labs Pvt Ltd


      SkillAngels is a gamified Cognitive Skill Development and Assessment Platform with a customized skill engine aimed at establish 5 core 21st century skills- Problem Solving, Memory, Focus & Attention, Visual Processing and Linguistics. The platform is aimed mostly at empowering individuals in the education and employment sector with cognitive skills becoming an integral part of both academic and professional development.



    • 3. mGuru- Mobile Learning Apps for Literacy and Numeracy




      mGuru organisation has built mobile learning applications aimed at enhancing the basic literacy and numeracy skills of students. MGuru’s English app uses interactive learning activities to teach grammar, speaking and listening, providing students all the tools they need to speak and understand English.



    • 4. Arivu- Disha




      The Arivu-Disha program run by Headstreams aims to make English learning fun for student from Government Schools. It does this through the Arivu-Disha digital application where students are able to listen to bi-lingual stories and play different games which comes naturally to every child.



    • 5. StoryWeaver


      Pratham Books


      StoryWeaver, created by Pratham Books, is India’s first digital, open source repository of multilingual children’s stories. StoryWeaver provides users with asset of tools to help them read, translate, create, download, share and print content for free.



    • 6. QUEST - Quality Education for Special Needs


      Sol's ARC


      The QUEST program aimed at bringing high quality standardised education to students with disabilities whilst greatly improving their learning outcomes. As part of the QUEST program the organisation has developed a pedagogy that uses a number of interactive learning material in the form of books, worksheets, videos and teaching aids to make learning more engaging for students. This pedagogy is mapped to the national curriculum.



  • Agriculture and Livelihood


    • 1. BJUrja


      h2e Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.


      BJUrja is an innovation that aims to empower farmers, by giving them the means to generate their own clean and renewable electricity therefore making them energy independent. The solution is a solar energy generation factory on wheels. USP of the product is its portability and mobility wherein the farmer can tow the system with a tractor to any desired point of application and during nigh time use the system for powering his house. At the heart of the system is a microcontroller that allows for the fuel cells to be switched on and compensate for the Solar PV Panels/Battery when there is non- availability of energy.



    • 2. ICT solutions for farmers in regional language


      Jayalaxmi Agrotech Pvt Ltd


      Jayalaxmi Agrotech has developed a 3 tired solution aimed at empowering rural farmer’s. The innovation includes- mobile apps for farmers, a hardware device ‘Agri Pole’ and an Analytics Platform. First the Agri mobile apps includes a suite of 25+ crop specific mobile apps in regional languages aimed at giving farmers the end to end information on crop management. The Agri Pole- Is a hardware device that stores and transmits the above Agri mobile apps via Bluetooth to farmers with smartphones. And finally the Analytics Platform where the information from th usage of the mobile applications is pushed to a cloud based server at the backend via SMS.



    • 3. KrishiSuchak


      Nubesol Technologies Pvt. Ltd


      KrishiSuchak is a smartphone-based Android App. It is a simple chat based communication platform between farmers and agriculture experts to exchange information using text messages, photos, voice messages, and videos in English or any local languages. Farmers from any place can ask for help or solutions to their problems through the app. The questions are routed through a series levels before they reach the right expert who then advises farmer in a one on one communication using KrishiSuchak. Farmers can ask questions on pest control, nutrient management, crop care and market intelligence and farmer grievances. Services are currently available in English and Kannada. KrishiSuchak is offered free for all the farmers.



  • Accessibility


    • 1. Tactograph


      Enability Foundation


      Enability Foundation has developed a low cost tactograph printer which replicates existing printed material especially pictures into tactile images using a semi-autonomous plotting mechanism. To make the printer user friendly the tactograph itself makes use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows it to capture and outline an existing printed picture and outline it on any paper based material using an image recognition algorithm. Through just a few mouse clicks marking the image on the PC the user can plot, save and print a tactile version of it.



    • 2. Haptic Torch for the Blind


      Visionaid Charitable Services Society


      The haptic torch uses infrared ranging to detect objects at a distance of 1200- 1500mm away, alerting the user through a series of vibrations that an obstacle is present and to change course. This can greatly decrease the risks of accidents for persons with visual disabilities.



    • 3. Blee: Wearable for hearing impaired


      BleeTech Innovations Pvt Ltd


      The Blee Wearable for hearing impaired tries to address this critical gap in the market by creating a wearable easy to use affordable device that notifies hearing impaired individuals of certain activities and sounds they need to be aware of. The wearable notifies the user of pre-recorded sound alerts using lights and vibrations. There is a unique set of vibrations for each sound alert. The device is connected to the user’s phone via Bluetooth where all the sounds are pre -recorded and stored. The capability of the device increases as the repository of pre-recorded sounds grow. The device can also be used independently as a smart phone application.



  • Primary Healthcare


    • 1. IoT Health Management Platform


      Cooey Technologies


      Cooey has developed a state of the art IoT Platform (android and IOS applications) and medical device which enables chronically ill patients to capture, manage, and maintain their health records while also staying connected with their physicians or primary health care centres. Presently, the platform allows the user to record important health vitals, medicines, calorie intake, and store their lab reports and manage their medical profile.



    • 2. SmartKavach


      EasyM2M Technologies Pvt Ltd


      SmartKavach is a proprietary wearable emergency device for patients, accident victims and the elderly. The device sends real time alerts to emergency services, doctors, family members. It is also tied up to an android app which makes the victim easy to locate. The features of the solution include a Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth, sensors, Low battery SMS, GPS, Geo fencing, Pill reminder and much more.



    • 3. Non-Invasive Tuberculosis Detection (TimBre)


      Docturnal Private Limited


      TimBre from Docturnal is a non-invasive TB screening app that provides a user with their propensity of acquiring the infection based on inputs provided from the comfort of their home/work or any such place. The Point of Care device is a mobile phone with the ability to capture sound & an internet connection. Data collected is human cough, clinical, & demographic variables that are subjected to an AI/Machine-Learning algorithmic model that is built from real TB samples. The results are sent back to the user via SMS for further diagnosis and treatment.



  • Environment


    • 1. Internet of Things and Data Analytics for Water Distribution Management


      Faclon Labs


      Faclon Labs has developed a solution aimed at monitoring and managing the water distribution system in a certain geography. Primarily the innovation is a hardware plug and play IoT remote sensing device enabled by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 2G/3G, which when installed throughout the water distribution system (eg: overhead tanks etc.) sends real time data back to a backend cloud server. Information includes data on leakages, over flows and other emergencies which allow for quick decision making and action by governing authorities and decision makers.



    • 2. NextDrop




      NextDrop has created a number of remote sensing devices to capture data on water usage in industrial, residential and commercial areas so as to provide insight on usage patterns and therefore drive long term water conservation. These solutions are a combination of hardware and software devices that leverage on IoT and sensor technology.



    • 3. EzPool


      Wizard Pooling Concepts Pvt Limited


      EzPool is a solution aimed at helping corporate sector employees travelling in the same direction to carpool. The app captures seat availability and the model allows both passengers and drivers to earn points or go through a standard method of payment. The solution works to reduce the number of vehicles and therefore the amount of pollution.



  • Other Social Causes


    • 1. One Home One Toilet


      Shelter Associates


      Shelter Associates have created an end to end urban sanitation software solution. On one end the solution starts with a data driven city wide GIS mapping of sanitation infrastructure in slums. Household and Individual level surveys are conducted to collect data, analyse and target specific crucial needs. On the other end the organization uses the data collected to work closely with municipal corporations, infrastructure providers and NGO’s to ensure construction of sanitation units and sewerage systems.



    • 2. GIS based application for Development Vulnerability Index at Village Level


      Peoples' Science Institute, Dehradun


      Peoples Science Institute has developed a GIS based system for the village level – Village Information System (VIS). The solution is primarily user friendly geo referenced software application that displays national data eg: population census Health Survey, Agricultural Statistics and much more for villages across Uttarkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.



    • 3. Integrating Mobile Financial Education and Services for Financial Inclusion in India


      Grameen Foundation


      Grameen Foundationworks with a mobile money provider and a local microfinance institution, Sonata, to deliver mobile banking services and financial education to the MFI’s women borrowers in Uttar Pradesh.



  • Youth Innovators


    • 1 Physio Fast-Heal




      Physio Fast-Heal is a wearable assistive device to enhance the communication, mobility, quality of life of stroke patients or persons living with CP. The proposed device will be attached to the limb of a user and mimics the user’s physiotherapy treatment using embedded pressure and bend gauges. The frequency, level of correctness and duration will be recorded and relayed as feedback as sounds/visual on a mobile application via Bluetooth that is used by the therapist. After each session the therapist can also generate a report to document the progress of the patient.



    • 2 Catheter Reprocessing System


      Incredible Devices


      The Catheter Reprocessing System (CSR), is a machine that automates the effective cleaning and sterilization of catheters. The machine 24 different cycles for cleaning catheters from washing with RO water through to chemical drying. The CRS both monitors and standardizes the process, therefore reducing the health and safety risks along with costs for all patients using catheters.



    • 3 Smart Energy for Smart Villages




      OSAEDA has set up a network of Solar PV Micro Grids (10KW) across villages thereby creating a Virtual Power Plant and enabling rural villages to receive electricity, in a clean and sustainable manner.



  • Accenture Technology Labs Support


    • 1. Tactograph


      Enability Foundation


      Enability Foundation has developed a low cost tactograph printer which replicates existing printed material especially pictures into tactile images using a semi-autonomous plotting mechanism. To make the printer user friendly the tactograph itself makes use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows it to capture and outline an existing printed picture and outline it on any paper based material using an image recognition algorithm. Through just a few mouse clicks marking the image on the PC the user can plot, save and print a tactile version of it.



    • 2. Safecity


      Red Dot Foundation


      Safecity is a platform that documents personal experiences of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces. This data which maybe anonymous, gets aggregated as hot spots on a map indicating trends at a local level. The idea is to make this data useful for individuals, local communities and local administration.



    • 3. Project Code Share


      IDIA Charitable Trust


      Project Code Share is an online repository of legal texts in accessible formats. All legal texts are compliant with WCA guidelines and are converted using character recognition software to PDF format. The aim of the project is to fill the gap and increase inclusivity in the field of legal education.