At present cities across India are bursting at their seems with all its residents facing the daily hassle of traffic. The number of personal vehicles on the road means that traffic jams are common place. Many of these vehicles, especially cars, only have one passenger commuting to and from work. And though taxi companies are promoting carpooling there is still a long way to go in terms of reducing traffic congestion and with it pollution.


Wizard Pooling Concepts is one of the first organisations in India to actively trying to change commuter behaviour, by making carpooling accessible and fun through their mobile application EzPool. EzPool is a solution aimed at helping corporate sector employees travelling in the same direction to carpool. Users are required to register their vehicle number, insurance as a ‘ride giver’ or book a seat in a private car as a ‘ride taker.’ The app captures seat availability and the model allows both passengers and drivers to earn points or go through a standard method of payment. The solution works to reduce the number of vehicles and therefore the amount of pollution.


The organisation aims to create substantial impact to the corporate sector across the country estimating that they will be able to reach over 12 Lakh people in each city per year.