Who We Are

Big surprises often come in small packages! One can safely copy-paste the adage to describe Angela. The petite one takes everyone by surprise as she introduces herself as a national level footballer and the India representative at the Asian Youth Congress, training youth from all over the world on drug prevention.

Before joining the Foundation, she worked for Delhi's most vulnerable population- the homeless- raising support for bare essentials to large scale funding for shelters and research. Her love for social work and the immense potential that India Inc. holds as a change making catalyst drew her to the Foundation. She handles the Business Responsibility Forums at the Foundation getting the industry ‘collectively’ excited about changing India bit by bit!

In her free time which she is finding hard these days ever since we got her tweeting, (Yes! Our entire team loves tweeting…sshhhh…) she enjoys dancing, solving sudoku and cooking (the good, the bad and the burnt!). All in all, a small package of big surprises indeed!