Established in 2001, NASSCOM Foundation has been a witness to the transformative power of technology for the last 20 years.
A part of the NASSCOM ecosystem, we are the only neutral, not for profit organization, representing the Indian Tech Industry. We remain rooted in our core philosophy of “TechForGood”, where our efforts are focussed on unlocking the power of technology by creating access and opportunity for those who need it most.
We work on helping people and institutions transform the way they tackle social and economic challenges through technology. Our three key areas of intervention include – Digital literacy, Skilling and Employability and Women Entrepreneurship.


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My Story of

National Digital Literacy Mission – NDLM success story of a Pune basedscrap dealer who now changed his profession to Pani Puri vendor and earns 5 – 7 times more than what he used to.


  • ideas that impact  Ideas That Impact 2017
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  • Catalyzing ChangeTech For Good Report 2021
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  • Understanding the Return on Skills Training Models in India
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