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Leading the way: Intuit senior leadership volunteering

NASSCOM Foundation’s corporate volunteering platform, MyKartavya has been instrumental in promoting and driving volunteering within the IT-BPM industry in India. The programme aims at utilizing the unique skills of the IT BPM employees for doing larger social good and also acts as an aggregator of best practices within the space of volunteering. MyKartavya programme also plays the role of supporting organizations to host customized volunteering events which ensures high impact and falls within the CSR objectives of the organization.

The Intuit senior leadership volunteering engagement was an initiative wherein senior leadership at Intuit India decided to spend half day to volunteer and spread the message of compassion and love. The event was organized by NASSCOM Foundation in collaboration with Dream A Dream organized a half day tailor made volunteer engagement for the senior leadership at Intuit R&D, India centre at Bangalore on 11th July 2014. The initiative named “Funday” aimed at inculcating life skills through arts and building creative learning skills among the children and the volunteers. The children selected for this activity was from Round Table School, Bangalore.

First-time volunteers understand the concept of volunteering through hands-on experience and it is precisely the reason why Dream A Dream team designed a programme which is hands on and had an element of fun to keep the volunteers and children engrossed in the activity. These activities together with children and volunteers help in bridging the gap between the 2 different sections/communities of the same society. Often, the learning has been experienced from both the groups and volunteers have enjoyed the experience of sharing their time and skills with the children. The more the interaction takes place, the more a volunteer and a child has to take back home in the form of a memory.

 Intuit volunteers with Children


The first activity was an art-based activity, The Dream Tree. A Dream Tree is drawn in 3 steps -

a) The Roots - The roots signify the support system in a person's life. Volunteers and children had to think, discuss, and draw and/or write their support system in the roots

b) The Trunk - The trunk signifies the good qualities and strengths of a person which would help them to achieve their dreams. Volunteers and Children through interaction pondered over, and drew their good qualities on the trunk.

c) The Leaves - The upper portion of the tree and the most important one are the leaves, the section of drawing out all the dreams. Volunteers and Children were given the freedom to think and put down all their dreams on paper.


This activity went on successfully. A lot of sharing and interaction was seen between volunteers and children. Both the groups seemed to have a lot of fun in each others' company. The reflection taken later gave a lot of insights. A volunteer's reflection on the Dream Tree Activity was that it's difficult for them to think of dreams after a certain age, but children have very innocent and free dreams. Volunteers also shared that they got to learn and think creatively along with the children.


The second activity, Share Your Work Space was another eye opener for everyone present at the event. By the second activity, children seemed to have built up the rapport with the volunteers. Volunteers' support for the same was highly appreciable. They took children to their work station, helped them use and learn on their computers and also let them freely enjoy the snacks :) The take away from this activity was not only learning but the understanding and support which was shown by the volunteers.


Overall, from Dream A Dream, we had an experience of a lifetime. The support and hospitality shown by the staff and support at Intuit was worth admiring.


Thank you Intuit for a great funday.



Spending a day with the children from Round table school was energizing because there’s so much we can learn from these future bright minds. I am truly inspired by their free thinking, enthusiasm, confidence and passion. It was a wonderful and special experience that will remain with me for a long time to come. Thanks to NASSCOM Foundation and Dream A Dream for this wonderful opportunity”. - Vijay Anand, VP and Head, Intuit India


NASSCOM Foundation has been a great support to Dream A Dream in terms of fruitfully creating a space to engage volunteers from the corporate sector. The whole idea of Dream A Dream is to sensitize the community through active volunteering and this can be well connected with the motives and initiatives of NASSCOM Foundation.” – Navendu Rashmi, Anchor – Volunteer engagement, Dream A Dream

Check the link below for some interesting pictures captured during the volunteering at Intuit http://j.mp/Intuit-WCGB 








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