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#Storymakers2014: Tweet Chat on 'Storytelling: Inspire, Engage, Involve'

BigTech, NASSCOM Foundation’s software donation program, will host a tweetchat on the subject of Digital storytelling on 4 September, between 10 and 11 am. This session is a part of the bigger Global Tweetchat being organized by our partner, TechSoup Global, as a part of their annual digital storytelling campaign.

The theme of the tweetchat will be:

Storytelling: Inspire, Engage, Involve
How digital media is revolutionising the art of Storytelling and Communications

Digital storytelling is a popular concept and gaining more supporters and strength by the day. Using digital media and technology to demonstrate and communicate impact to stakeholders has become popular among NGOs and other social impact organizations. Development organizations are using digital media to relate impactful stories to win support for their cause, attract donors, raise funds etc.

Topics discussed will include –

  • Creating vibrant, eye catching stories that stand out : What makes a good story
  • Using digital storytelling to engage stakeholders : Increase reach
  • Creating impactful stories using limited resources : Storytelling on a shoestring!
  • Sharing best practices for using digital media : Dos and Don’ts
  • Sharing success stories and failures : Examples

Hashtag : #Storymakers2014
Host: @Big_Tech
Moderator: @ritansoni







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