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With the mission to promote responsible business practices within the IT and BPM industry in India, NASSCOM Foundation is organizing ‘NASCOM Foundation CSR Leadership Conference 2015’ on March 25th 2015. The conference aims to bring together industry leaders, policy makers and heads from leading non-profits to discuss the evolving nature as well as the future opportunities of Corporate Social Responsibility in India.


Indian companies have been undertaking social initiatives proactively driven by a desire to give-back to society and sometimes out of business necessity. Through the new regulation of Companies Act, 2013, Government of India now mandates a CSR spend of 2 percent of the company's profits for all organizations above a certain size of revenues and profit. This has far reaching implications and opens up new vistas for businesses to positively impact individuals, communities and regions.


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Key themes for the conference will include: 

Taking CSR to Scale: National Digital Literacy Mission:
 The Digital Literacy Mission, aimed to empower a family by capacitating one member of each family in India to become digitally literate, is a great example of collaborations for effective collective impact. Looking at how collaboration models works, this session will delve into the opportunities and challenges of multi-stakeholder partnerships.


Leveraging Technology for inclusive growth: This session will highlight how companies are leveraging technology competencies in their CSR efforts by supporting: scalable, low cost and sustainable solutions to development challenges; depending and scaling grassroots interventions; and building technology and non-technology capacities of all stakeholders.


Addressing the national imperatives; Education, Skills, Health and Sanitation, Supporting Persons with Disabilities: Are CSR resources being leveraged to address the country’s biggest challenges? This session will look on how are corporates are aligning their CSR’s efforts to select and plug gaps in social development and the opportunities and the challenges that they see for the future


Effectively Communicating, and Reporting: Communication is vital to drive sustainable change and run a successful CSR program. The session will look at current monitoring, reporting and compliance frameworks, and share industry-wide practices in communicating CSR to stakeholders for sustainable impact.


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