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World Environment Week Collection Drive 2015

NASSCOM Foundation along with Earth Sense recycling would like to invite you to be part of a week-long collection drive that is being organized in Pune, starting on World Environment Day, June 5th as part of our sixth year celebration for the BigBridge program.

The Indian IT-BPM industry deals with a large amount of electronic and electrical equipment which is turning into e-waste due to rapid technological changes. India’s e-waste volumes are predicted to grow by 500 percent by 2020 from 2007 levels and this poses a serious threat to people and the planet. As per the United Nations University report, Global e-waste generation is growing by about 40 million tons a year. India is among the top countries engaging in informal recycling and we need to stop that by being aware of what we can contribute!

So to make the environment cleaner and greener participate in the e-Waste collection drive.

All IT Companies are invited to be a part of this collection drive. 

Please write to sneha@nasscomfoundation.org to be a part of this massive movement or to enquire more about it. 








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