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IT companies can reach out to the huge NGO community in India by donating their products and services, consequentially making them more efficient.
  • Wish to donate software and services to NGO community in India?
  • Wish to help us reach out to the NGO community?
  • Wish to share your stories and experiences?
  • Wish to sponsor our software donation program?
NGOs can avail software/services donations, scale up, increase reach and efficiency while keeping IT costs low.
  • Wish to get access to genuine software and services?
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Working with Government


With both national and international IT companies donating their products and services to NGOs across India, the Foundation works closely with the Government to recognize and encourage such strategic philanthropic contributions.



Our programs bring to you,an opportunity to actively participate in the inclusive development of India. Discover how you can use this platform to contribute or benifit from your partnership with us. JOin us in promoting technology for good, changing India bit by bit? Read more about other programs.