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Process & FAQs

An NGO that is interested in software donation applies online through our portal. NASSCOM Foundation through its network of partners and outreach, does a due diligence on the applicant and based on the set criteria qualifies the NGO(s) for the grant.


BigTech FAQS



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  • Click here to register your NGO

    Send us a copy of your organization’s ‘Society Registration Certificate’ OR ‘Certificate of Registration under Trust Deed of Public Charitable Trust’ OR ‘Certificate of Registration under Section 25 of the Companies Act’.


    The documents can be sent through fax at +91-22-2836 1576.


    Please note that for foreign donations like Microsoft & Bytes of Learning, an organizations' FCRA registration is also mandatory by the Ministry of Home Affairs, India. After having received your documents, we will confirm your organization’s eligibility status within five working days of receipt.

  • You need to send the following documents after filling the online registration form on the website:

    • Society Registration Certificate OR
    • Certificate of registration under Trust Deed of Public Charitable Trust OR
    • Certificate of registration under Section 25 of the Companies Act
    • FCRA certificate ( If applicable)

    The scanned copies can be sent to OR through fax/courier to:

    Nasscom Foundation (Mumbai)
    Samruddhi Venture Park
    Ground Floor, Office # 13-16
    Central MIDC Road
    Andheri East
    Mumbai- 400093
    Phone : +91 22 28328535/36/37/38/18/19
    Fax : +91 22 28361576

  • Go to the home page of BigTech website (

    • There is a link which says 'Request new password' on the left side of the page. Click on the link.
    • You will be asked to enter the username or email address. Then click on 'Email new password'.
    • The new password will be sent to your email address.


    I have lost my username, password and email address.
    Write to us at on your organizations letter head requesting for a new username and password.

  • Your registration on BigTech is one time. You cannot edit your profile details on BigTech. If there are any changes, please email it to


    We do not have an FCRA certificate. Is FCRA mandatory for BigTech donation?
    For local donors like Quick heal Antivirus, Busy Infotech and Eagle Conferencing, FCRA is not mandatory.You can avail these software donations. However, FCRA registration is mandatory for international donors like Microsoft, Adobeand Bytes of Learning. The FCRA is a rule by the home ministry and not a constraint from BigTech or donor companies.


Requesting a Donation

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    • On the home page of the BigTech website, you will find a Browse Products icon(on the right hand side of the page). Click on the link 'Click here to browse'.
    • You will find a list of all donor partners and their list of products.
    • Click on any donor partner link to get a list of products of that particular donor.
    • Select the product that you want. You will get a page with detailed description about the product.
    • Click on Add to Cart button.You can view the items in your cart at any time. Once you have finished selecting items, you proceed to the checkout.
    • At checkout, you will be provided with a summary of your order and confirmation of your delivery address. If you are happy, you can confirm your order.
    • Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an invoice email to the email address mentioned in the BigTech profile.
  • Each eligible organization may request up to six titles(titles are the software products of the donors) and up to 50 user licenses per title for a two-year period, with the following exceptions:

    • For server titles, organizations may request one server license per title and up to 50 Client Access Licenses (CALs). i.e. organizations may not order two copies of the same server title.
    • Server licenses with accompanying CALS will, together, count as two separate titles towards the six-title limit.
    • Organizations may order additional licenses of software titles that they have already received through the Microsoft Software Donations Programme (as part of their previous order within the two-year ordering cycle). This is valid even if the current title is an upgraded version of the original software. Such orders will not count against the 6-title limit. However, the total number of licenses requested for this title (between the two orders) may not exceed 50.
    • Each organizationcan request upto 25 licenses in their first Quick Heal donation request.
    • The next donation request for Quick Heal licenses can be made after 180 days.
  • Microsoft:

    • Eligible organizations may place a maximum of two orders (one per year) within a two-year period.
    • An organization’s first order initiates a two-year ordering cycle. After the ordering cycle has begun, an organization must wait for one year before placing a second order. i.e. an organization that placed an order on 01/07/06 can only place a new order on or after 01/07/07.
    • The combined total of products ordered in a two-year period may not exceed six titles and 50 user licenses per title (or one license per server title).
    • Once two years have passed since an organization’s original order, the order limits will be reset. i.e. an organization that placed an order on 01/07/06 may order six new titles and 50 licenses per title (or one license per server title) on 01/07/08.


    Eagle Conferencing:

    Eligible organizations are entitled to receive only one package of 25 user licenses for unlimited usage through out the month.

  • The minimum number of licenses that you can request for is 5 seats/ 5 licenses except for server licenses as 1 server licenses is equal to 5 seats/5 licenses.


    We have already requested for donation this year. Can we request again?



    Each eligible organization may place a maximum of two orders (one per year) within a two-year period.

    Bytes of Learning:

    Each qualifying organization may request a single donation within a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

    Eagle Conferencing:

    Eligible organizations are entitled to receive only one package of 25 users licenses for unlimited usage throughout the month.

    Quick Heal:

    180 days gap between two orders with each order of maximum 25 licenses.


  • Click here to see the procedure for accessing licenses.

  • If you are facing any technical issues while downloading any of the Microsoft licenses then please check with a technical person from your end or contact Microsoft Activation center on the following phone nos. (91) 80 4010 3000,1800 11 11 00 or 1800 102 1100.


Administration fees

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  • The BigTech technology donation program will be charging an administrative fee for each request processed. The fee is to cover the cost of administering the donation program.

    The screenshot shows you the appearance of the Admin fee and name of the product in the website.

    Windows Vista Business Upgrade(32-bit)(Includes Software Assurance)
    Admin Fee: Rs. 492.00
    SKU: LS-40917

  • This admin fee/amount can be transferred directly into our bank account. All the payments must be remitted through funds available in India and in Indian rupees only.
    The bank account details are as mentioned below:

    Account Name: NASSCOM Foundation
    Bank Name: HDFC
    Branch : K.G. Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi
    Bank Account : 00031450000317
    IFSC Code: HDFC0000003

    After the payment is done, please send the payment details (if you pay by cheque then, the cheque no.) to so as to help us to process your order at the earliest.