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Akshayapatra Foundation

"The BigTech Program has enhanced our administration and day to day activities and has helped us become more efficient and consequently serve more children! In our quest to reach 5 million children by 2020, we realize the important role of technology and BigTech as an important tool. We hope that BigTech continues to support us so we can together have a positive impact on the future of our Indian children."


 HOPE Foundation

"We are grateful to BigTech for providing original Microsoft applications at a very concessional rate. Being a charity, we firmly believe that each and every donation is valuable and goes to eradicate poverty. Every rupee saved is every rupee earned for the betterment of the poor. Plus, the original applications have increased our work efficiency. As part of the BigTech initiative, we also lend our helping hand to fight piracy.”


Teach to Lead

A very big thank you to NASSCOM Foundation for donating software to our organization. Teach For India is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to create a movement of leaders who will work to eliminate educational inequity in the country. We are working on systems to create efficiency in our operations and this donation is helping us make a big step in that direction. We thank NASSCOM Foundation for making the whole process so seamless and superseding all our expectations with the really quick turn around time."


Joy Daniel, Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD)

"Thanks to BigTech, we were able to get the Quickheal antivirus in our office. Before this, we were using free antivirus software that we had downloaded. There were difficulties with updating the software and somehow viruses were still able to get through despite the Antivirus software. This resulted in lots of time and efforts being wasted due to data loss or inability to perform some critical information services - printing or sending emails for instance. As a non-profit social development organization, we could not afford the high costs of commercial Antivirus Software that has the qualities comparable with QuickHeal. Most of our resources are focused to improve the living conditions of the rural small farmers in one of the most backward regions of India - the Marathwada region. Our work encompasses care for the elderly destitute, vocational training of the unemployed youth, and promotion of organic farming. It was a great boon for us to get the QuickHeal which is now installed in all our computers and makes our work much easier. BigTech and QuickHeal has made our lives a lot easier and we now focus on what matters most for the small farmers."


IT Team Winrock International India

"Winrock International India is very thankful to BiGTech for giving us the opportunity to avail of the benefits of its Software Donation program. We were in the middle of a crisis when our old server reached its maximum limit and we were faced with the task to upgrade the hardware and software. As an NGO, it was very expensive for us to buy licensed software and licenses at market rate. With the help of BiGTech’s software donation program support, we now have the licenses of windows software’s and that too the latest version. This has helped our organization very much in terms of costs as well as providing our employees with new and licensed software which also helps in productivity and work flow. The funds saved are now utilized for other strategic marketing work."


Mr. Abhijit S. Jorvekar, Country Head, Quick Heal Technologies

"Our association with NASSCOM Foundation is a point of pride for us. Under their BiGTechprogramme, NASSCOM Foundation has already reached out to hundreds of NGOs and social service groups across India.

Quick Heal Technologies wants to give back to the society in which we thrive, this platform allows us the means to reach out to the needy and provide the kind of service which we are best at."


Centre for Civil Society

"The Center for Civil Society is a non-profit, research, education and advocacy think tank committed to increasing opportunity, prosperity and quality of life for every Indian by reinvigorating civil society and readjusting political society.

Our mission is to promote social change through public policy by being a resource for innovative community and market based ideas for critical policy issues particularly in the areas of education, livelihood, governance and environment.

It is essential for a think tank to have a good IT Infrastructure for basic day to day activities and research requirements. We are certain that software made available through the NASSCOM Foundation and Microsoft will enable us to become more efficient and productive and take us closer to achieve our vision of enabling social change through public policy."


Xavier's Resource Centre for the visually challenged

“We are a state of the art support centre, aiming to work towards the holistic development of visually challenged persons, located at St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai.

Our Project X-Sight works towards equipping the visually challenged persons with the required skill sets and the right attitudes to meet the challenges of life. The social advocacy programme Project Access continuously seeks to expand the “access” and reach of visually challenged persons in their day-to-day living by challenging the myths and barriers that get put in their path.

Our work expands each day with new ideas coming our way that keeps us moving ahead one step at a time expanding access and challenging barriers! This donation will help us to keep our system upgraded and in the training programs that we run for our visually challenge members. It will also support us in maintaining and running our day-to-day office activities."