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Making CSR count in the IT-BPM industry.

A photograph of a performance by corporate volunteers at the Pune CSR Forum conducted by NASSCOM Foundation

Business Responsibility Forums are discussion platforms that usher a dialogue across the IT- BPM sector and encourage sharing of best practices on various approaches to move away from traditional CSR towards Responsible Business.

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Business Responsibility Forums

Business Responsibility (NASSCOM Foundation’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility) is a multi-faceted concept covering four realms in which a business functions, namely the marketplace, workplace, environment and the community. As per the emerging global trends, Business Responsibility (BR) can no longer be viewed as an optional project or an ad hoc act of philanthropy. Instead it needs to be embedded in the core business strategy that encompasses an integrated and planned approach; not only adding to the equity of the company but also building sustainable environment for all stakeholders.

The Business Responsibility Forums aim to:

  • Support and stimulate collaboration between the corporate and community sectors regionally;
  • Raise awareness about the positive contributions made by the IT-BPM industry; and
  • Develop a network of projects across the sector in India to shape and drive BR towards a structured national development plan.