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Let's build inclusive workplaces!

A photograph of a workshop where corporate representatives have been blindfolded to sensitize them on the issue of accessibility at workplace

The Disability Initiative encourages inclusion of persons with disabilities in the IT-BPM industry by sensitizing the sector about employment and accessibility (barrier free workplace and assistive technology).

Working with Government Working with Government

Disability Initiative

NASSCOM Foundation has approached the issue of inclusion of persons with disabilities in the IT-BPM industry in the following ways.



By connecting with IT companies on their HR agenda,the Foundation promotes the employment of people with disabilities, not on the basis of compassion or reservation, but on their capabilities and qualifications. Given the support shown by the industry in the past, the Foundation is connecting more and more IT companies with vocational training institutes, professional educational institutions and NGOs to source talent pool for the sector.


Physical Accessibility

The term barrier free environment implies that buildings follow norms that support easy maneuvering for persons with disabilities as well as ones with health issues. NASSCOM Foundation is building awareness in the IT-BPM industry on general physical accessibility guidelines for them to then implement them in their workplaces. NASSCOM Foundation has also reached out to the realty sector to make these guidelines a must for all IT buildings.


Web Accessibility

The IT industry has an important job of making their organizational websites accessible as per the International web accessibility guidelines. Web accessibility, in addition to persons with disabilities also necessitates the inclusion of persons with temporary disabilities and aged. For more details on web accessibility please refer to http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/


Assistive Technology

Understanding the importance of Assistive Technology for enhancing the work potential of persons with temporary or permanent disabilities and the IT-BPM companies that hire them, the Foundation is promoting the creation of assistive technology. The Foundation is collaborating with companies that make software that facilitate easier access to computers at affordable prices.


India has committed itself to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for Persons with Disabilities through the implementation of the World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons and the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities promoting inclusion and taking forward the issue of employment as one of its main agenda. This has only furthered the role of the Foundation as a facilitator for employment, awareness building in the IT-BPM industry and promotion of assistive technologies.