Social transformation through strategic volunteering.

A photograph of corporate volunteers engaged in a fun activity with kids from underserved communities

MyKartavya is a program that aims to utilize the strengths of the employees of the IT-BPM industry for assisting NGOs, simultaneously promoting employee engagement through strategic volunteering.

Working with Government Working with Government


The MyKartavya program connects the industry and her people to a wide range of volunteering opportunities, and also helps manage and evaluate their volunteering efforts. The program aims to promote strategic volunteering to build capacity of NGO professionals, underserved communities and employees of the member companies.

Corporates across the country have realized the 'business case' in promoting employee volunteering. Volunteering not only enhances team work and professional competencies but also drives and integrates employee involvement in core business functions. It helps in keeping employees engaged and in improving the reputation of the company both internally and externally. An active employee volunteer program not only injects values of social commitment and responsibility into the culture of the company but also in the lives of the employees and their families.

It does not require a unique degree or prior experience - but only a willingness to help!


Benefits of volunteering for employees:

  • Volunteering brings a sense of motivation and achievement in the employees as the efforts clearly reflect in the progress of the NGO one gets involved with. It also helps in developing new skills and adding value to one’s profile.


Benefits of volunteering for companies:

  • Cost-effective platform to implement volunteerism - MyKartavya is an online platform that connects interested employees to internal business responsibility events as well as a wide range of volunteering opportunities with NGOs.
  • Tracks, monitors and evaluates impact - Through MyKartavya, one can obtain extensive real-time reports on the impact generated by all, individual or specific group of employees.
  • Increases efficiency –The online platform makes promotion of events, registration and reporting very easy.


Benefits of volunteering for community:

  • Decreases costs - Volunteers are extra hands for NGOs who cannot afford to pay employees with heavy salaries.
  • Freshness and energy – Since most of the volunteer support is project based, the volunteers bring in fresh perspective and energy to the project.
  • Skills –Volunteers especially the ones that come from corporates bring along immense talent and skills.