Social Innovation Forum

Past Winners




"Winning the NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum is a fantastic achievement for SkillTrain. It has given us the much needed credibility for the work we have been doing at the grassroots level. It also recognises our innovative use of mobile technology to deliver vocational training which is very unique from the traditional training models. All this has given us great motivation to continue our efforts and make a difference to the school dropouts in India. We hope and will strive to live up to the expectations of the esteemed jury of this award."

SkillTrain Training and Consultancy Pvt Ltd- Ganesh. B- CEO and Founder



“It was a delightful experience to be a part a NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum 2014. We appreciate the selection process and the efforts behind in organising such an event. It was truly gratifying and are very proud to be part of this social innovation award.  We are humbled by the award and this has given the impetus to our program in down staging oral cancer. We sincerely thank the organisers for recognising our work."

Biocon Foundation- Dr. Praveen Birur, Senior Consultant, Lead- Oral Cancer Screening Program



“t’s a matter of immense prestige to win the NSIF Social Innovation Challenge 2014. The fact that our innovation competed against so many spectacular innovations and was selected by an esteemed jury has been very humbling for us. Tamana has recently forayed into developing ICT based assistive technology for the differently abled . To receive this recognition in the start of the journey has been tremendously motivating and has provided us validation that we are moving in the right direction".
"The platform has provided us with an opportunity to develop an ICT based educational application for the differently abled which will enrich the learning and teaching experience for the differently abled child and the special educator vis a vis. We thank NASSCOM Foundation for the award and the mentorship it is providing for scaling the innovation. We hope we will get more opportunities in the future of associating with NASSCOM Foundation.”

Tamana- Dr Shayama Chona, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri Awardee, Founder and President



“Frontier Markets has been extremely proud and excited to win the NASSCOM Social Innovation Award this year; as a company focused on last-mile distribution of clean energy solutions, we were not super familiar with technology solutions in the past; however, as we started learning about NASSCOM and the role that technology could play in solving some of the most pressing challenges in rural India today, we decided to test an innovative idea through our work. Frontier Markets prides in its work on the ground with its end-customers in providing after-sales service for all the solar solutions that we sell; more often than not, rural households' experiences with solar have been negative due to low-quality products or the lack of after-sales service to help in repair and ensuring that solar solutions last to actually create an impact of reliable electricity and savings. As FM continued to grow, we realized in order for us to be effective in providing after-sales service to larger products like rooftop solutions and street lights, we would have to be able to monitor the solutions remotely; without technology, this would be a near to impossible effort given the scale and the scattered locations. We designed the solar prahari to solve this - a solution that monitors the functioning of our products to alert us through IOT and SMS about servicing issues or theft - this technology allowed us to react to customer needs immediately and send a local women to service the product. After winning the Social Innovation Award, we have been given a platform to be able to educate others on this innovation, we have been able to create a clear value proposition for governments to reinvest in solar, we are creating accountability on the ground. NASSCOM Foundation becomes a brand, a credibility, and a network of great companies that can now help us enhance our work in technology further. We look forward to working with NASSCOM Foundation to link with their network, their resources to scale our efforts and ensure that solar becomes a "smart solution" for rural India. ”

Frontier Markets Consulting Pvt Ltd- Ajaita Shah, CEO and Founder



“We received NSIF in recognition for our ongoing work on accessibility. The award helped us gain much traction in India. With its vast industry network, NASSCOM Foundation exposed us to best people we could have asked for. Over the last couple of months, we have also been helped in terms of mentorship, PR and workshops. The NASSCOM Foundation team has been very energetic from the outset, which has helped in being comfortable about discussing all things that involve an early stage social enterprise."

Kriyate Design Solutions Pvt Ltd- Sumit Dagar, CEO and Founder



“We, at LEMON TREE HOTELS are delighted with the honour conferred upon us by NASSCOM Foundation, for our efforts in transforming the life style of People with Disabilities. Indeed, it is a shot in our arm to further strengthen our initiatives in providing gainful employment and education to citizens with disabilities.”

Lemon Tree Hotel Company – R. Hari, General Manager-Human Resources