It is important to start with the basics when targeting a segment of the population that has been left out of the technology revolution. The NDLM curriculum puts on emphasis on teaching people how digital devices can help them in their everyday life. With the content customized for Indian users, it has been designed keeping their interest and comfort in mind. Intel, Microsoft and Google have generously contributed their respective online training contents for this program. Global Talent Track is the content harmonization partner and has helped the Foundation piece together an easy-to-train content by taking inputs from the three program partners.


Under the NDLM curriculum umbrella are numerous interrelated skills. The curriculum and training has been divided into two levels, based on the level of prior education and exposure to digital technologies that the trainees shall have received.


The basic level training of 20 hours would be conducted with the objective to make the trainees IT literate, so that they may can operate a computer and digital access devices (tablets, etc.), and search Internet for information.


The more advanced training, comprising modules spread over 40 hours, the trainees would also be trained to effectively avail various Government to Citizen (G2C), Business to Citizen (B2C) Services, Citizen to Government (C2G) initiatives online, besides basic level training on creating documents and working with spreadsheets on computer.


Addtionally, the following repository of additional resources can be used to access relevant information on the Internet. If used effectively, these websites can play a pivotal role in providing easy access to critical government services, education and information, thereby leading to enhanced political participation, and helping people gain a stronger voice in their communities.



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