Get Involved

The Secretariat, i.e., NASSCOM Foundation is laying the base for digital literacy in India by expanding and consolidating the ecosystem which is coming together in place for NDLM. Sustained efforts by all stakeholders on digital literacy awareness, education and training will help India take a lead in the global digital economy and shape a technologically empowered society. With active participation from all stakeholders, we can improve program standards and augment impact of NDLM centres.

These are the various ways in which contributions towards NDLM can be made:


Government Liaison: Companies can help us liaison and network with the government agencies on digital literacy awareness.


NDLM Centre: Partner with NASSCOM Foundation by providing funding for training centres across India.


Marketing/Publicity: Publicity is vital for any project. Any assistance in the domain of marketing and publicity can be a valuable contribution and help us maintain the momentum.


Finance: Financial assistance for the Secretariat can help meet some of the critical costs of the program. The Secretariat can provide support in creating a budget plan to help individuals and organizations meet their philanthropic goals and have the impact they want in the community.


Hardware: You can contribute by donating capital equipment such as computers, printers, and projectors etc. needed to run NDLM centers. These can be either refurbished or thin client computer systems.


Logistics: Enhance our logistical capacities by acquiring and delivering requested supplies and services at NDLM Centers.


Volunteers: Volunteering in an NDLM Center closest to you offers a way to have real and lasting impact on the program. As a volunteer you can contribute your skills and experience in multiple valuable ways.


Assessment Tools: Provide support in developing standardized testing tools for assessment of NDLM trainees.


Software Development: Strengthening capacity for digital literacy trainings and ensuring their effectiveness by developing relevant software.