Implementation Partners

The NASSCOM Foundation is inviting implementation partners to provide training at the various NDLM centres, in conducting field assessments and to provide infrastructure required for the mission. These partners will bridge the gap between technology and its social application, and be accountable for training the community. NASSCOM Foundation will partner with organisations that have a significant presence in the local community to meet NDLM goals related to IT skills training. In order to accomplish program goals, requirements from the partners are outlined below:


  • Leverage existing technology infrastructure (a minimum of 10 centres with not less than 5 computers per centre, anywhere in India)
  • Mobilize beneficiaries & engage communities for the Mission Train & assess beneficiaries to bridge the Digital Literacy gap
  • Report on program operations and financials on a monthly basis
  • Provide certification to beneficiaries upon course completion
  • Share inspirational stories of success!


Models of Engagement


Organisations can decide for themselves in what ways they would like to participate, no support in this effort is insignificant. Apart from non-profits, the Secretariat is open to partnerships with organisations that have extensive, proven capabilities in the field of education/IT literacy for at least three years.


Empanel with NASSCOM Foundation for Digital Literacy:Interested organisations that meet the eligibility criteria can express their interest to empanel with the Foundation for NDLM. Once empanelled, organisations can partner with NASSCOM member companies that are interested in launching NDLM centres in their areas. The Secretariat will act as an interface between the implementation partner and donor corporate to facilitate full-scale implementation of the program.


Expand the ecosystem of NDLM: Empanelled implementation partners can approach potential donors to secure support for their NDLM centres. They can develop plans and strategies for funding opportunities and pro-actively build long term relationships with the corporates. Empanelment for NDLM will demonstrate to the donor that the approaching implementation partner has the required capabilities and capacities to conduct the trainings.