People who are passionate about bringing a positive change can join our mission to improve lives through digital literacy. Please consider one or more of the following opportunities to become a NDLM change agent:




Personal Philanthropy:You can use your personal resources of money and time to address digital literacy. Prospective donors can select specific NDLM centers or contribute towards expenses of the Secretariat. The Secretariat can also provide support in creating a budget plan to help individuals meet their philanthropic goals and have the impact they want in the community.


Field Visits: Volunteers can conduct field visits to the nearest centre and report on the progress of the project. This feedback will play a vital role in monitoring and evaluation of NDLM centers.


Content Development: A successful digital literacy program requires constant upgradation of relevant content. A content developer could play the role of capturing vital ICT related information which could be disseminated to the masses through the National Digital Literacy Mission.


Liasioning: You can advocate about the mission on behalf of underserved communities with relevant government agencies and enlist their support in setting up new NDLM centers.


Technology Support: Utilize your coding skills to develop intuitive solutions to capture vital data on ground. Data analytics could play a vital role in indicating the trends and helps in charting the next steps for advancement.


Outreach and Publicity Support: You can volunteer to help with publicity and promotion of the program. For example, our website and social media channels play a central part in raising awareness on digital literacy. Volunteers can support the communications program by donating their time, talent and commitment to support the Secretariat with their outreach and publicity activities.


Your participation as a volunteer will make a vital contribution and is an incredibly rewarding way to give back to the community. Volunteers will find that it holds many benefits for them as well, such as skill building, social involvement and personal satisfaction. It provides individuals with an opportunity to be part of the digital literacy ecosystem. The Foundation can assist in identifying and exploring the range of options available for individuals to contribute.