Program Partners

Media, commerce, education, communication- much of our daily life now takes place online. Becoming digitally literate in the technical world is equivalent to reading, writing and mathematics. Therefore, we need to look at this fourth literacy in the mainstream.

four pillars literacy

But for countless Indians who lack basic computer skills, the rich cloud of online information is elusive. Working in partnership with India’s responsible business community, NASSCOM Foundation is attempting to close this digital divide by helping individuals harness the power of computers and develop necessary skills to start using them with confidence.


The Secretariat requires commitment from across sections of the industry to help bridge the accessibility gap. We are seeking to build coalitions among stakeholders to generate collective impact through NDLM. Enormous developmental potential exists if these partnerships are explored and embraced.


Program Partners – Program Partners provide strategic advice, guidance and resources for the overall development of the program. Their experience, reach and expertise will facilitate the creation of a digitally literate India. Read More



Corporate Partners – Corporate partners ensure allocation of adequate resources, including funds, as committed for the project. With their unique perspective and valuable guidance, corporates have a significant role to play in the creation of a digitally inclusive society through NDLM. Read More



Implementation Partners – Implementation Partners manage the operations at ground level by imparting digital literacy training through NDLM centres. These partners will bridge the gap between technology and its social application, and are accountable for training the community. Read More