Skills Initiative

Facilitating meaningful employment through ICT.

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The Skills Initiative facilitates deployment of employable skills in under served communities using technology.

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Skills Initiative

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There are demonstrated successes of ICT enabled skills development interventions that have helped in functional scale-up organizations and enhanced the outreach and impact of their activities. Some of the well-acknowledged benefits of the use of ICTs include: increasing productivity; improving communication and collaboration; organising critical information and facilitating technology enabled skills development training. Worldwide, experiences have shown that ICT use is relevant and useful, even in highly traditional settings. 

The relevance of building IT skills among local government officials has gained importance manifold with the roll out of the government's national e-governance programme and has created a need for IT skilled government officers who can align with the vision of the government. 

NGOs support the government and in contributing to development. Although an estimated million NGOs are operational in India, only a few thousands use ICTs in their day- to-day operational and management activities and only a few hundreds use them in their development programmes. 

The use of ICTs by NGOs can be enhanced not only with improved access, but also with concerted efforts to build a realization of its utility. Coupled with effective and targeted capacity building interventions, NGOs may in the near future leapfrog into enhancing their impact manifold through infusing/adopting ICT tools in their systems structure, procedures, culture, strategies and decision-making.

Keeping in mind the huge gap in the total number of NGOs and local government officers in India and those who access and use ICTs, NASSCOM Foundation has initiated the ConnectIT programme to sensitise and conduct capacity building workshops to build the ICT skills of NGOs and these officers across India.