Reshma Lakhwade

NAME: Reshma Lakhwade

AGE: 23 years


CENTRE: Amdocs Pune

Gender:  Female

Name of Father:

Name of the Mother:

Name of the Husband: Atul Sathe

Monthly Income of the family: INR 10,000/-

Current Status of the Student: Working at

Hand In Hand, Paud as Credit Officer

Reshma Lakhwade wanted to learn computers in order to achieve financial Independence and support her family. Due to financial problems, her husband was unable to help her but was very supportive. After completing the course, she has secured a job as Credit Officer at Hand in Hand, Paud and is earning Rs. 7,000/- a month.

Future Plans – Reshma now plans to continue her studies and reach a higher designation.

Reshma lives in Ramtekadi community in a chawal. It is a slum area, with limited facilities, where people need to work hard for their day to day bread and butter. Due to low financial support, children leave studies and start doing local jobs at an early age, due to which many children remain uneducated and are unable to learn any skills for good jobs.

“I am very happy after doing this course as I was able to get a job. Due to lack of knowledge of computers I was facing problems getting a job. Through this course, NIIT foundation helped me to achieve my dream.”

“NIIT Foundation gave my wife the best opportunity to learn computers and get a job.” (Atul Sathe, Reshma’s husband)

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