Case study – August ’16 – Chengalpettu Manju

Manju is from Palayanoor Village whose parents are street merchants and comes from an economically poor family. For her and others in her village computer is a very big thing.

She says: “ Even though the government has given free laptop we use it to watch movies from memory card and pendrive and to listen music. We are not aware of digital devices like computer and smart phones on the  technical side.”

She used to study in a government school where there is no proper computer education. They cant afford private computer class as they charge high value of money, she says

“When we heared about NDLM Center which is absolutely free. I was so happy to learn computer education. I was surprised when I saw computers with internet connection, Projector, Printer. Every thing made me excited. I didn’t know how to operate even one single device in the center. “

In August, Manju registered at the Centre for the grade 1 course. During her class, she found  it very interesting to learn about online shopping, ticket booking, and typing. She said that she was very happy that she can now open her email id as well as do ticket booking under indian railways. She has also shared about the course with her other siblings & asked her friends to join. She had also started searching the different ways of good gardening.

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