Case study – August ’16 – Kelambakkam Aaron

Aaron is 15 years old studying in 11th std. He is the resident of Kandigai, 5km away from the center. After school he used to come to center regularly for the training.
He is a student of Government Higher Secondary school in Kelambakkam. He has gained knowledge in computer skills and internet applications. He used the free internet provided in the centre and has participated in a National Level Quiz Competition conducted by the National Institute of Welding, Chennai.

This is the 1st time in history of the Govt. school in Kelambakkam that a student has participated in a National level Quiz Competition.
He said in today’s world computer knowledge has become a basic necessity so he enrolled himself to become a part of this NDLM education. He was a student like any other in a govt. school. He used to attend the training programs daily and uses the internet to learn and gain general knowledge.
The Center provided him the confidence and space to explore himself and gave him courage to participate in competitions. The certificate would give him a leap to his career growth.
He wants to participate in more of such competitions and motivate other students to do so.

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