Case study – August ’16 – Kelambakkam Anbzhagan

Anbazhagan is 41yrs old working as a barber. He joined the ndlm kelambakkam training center in July to learn the basics of digital literacy but after coming to the training regularly he started developing himself by watching different types of hairstyles in youtube & also in the google search engine. Before the program his saloon shop was not in an attractive condition. After the training he made a menu book with a different style of hair cuts. He feels very satisfied with the NDLM training because it provided him free internet plus it really supports him a lot in his profession. Anbazhagan is a hard working person in his profession and I have observed him the past month working from 8am till 10 p.m. The training center provided him good and clear guidance to develop and upgrade his saloon shop and now with learning new styles of haircut his customer base has increased.

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