Case study – August ’16 – Kelambakkam Parveen

Parveen is 15years old, was a school dropout in her 7th std, and never thought education was important at that time she stopped going to school. She wanted to support her family financially. But she didn’t have the opportunity to employ herself in a decent job. She was lacking basic skills in computer knowledge.

The NDLM program gave her the chance to use and gain computer knowledge and to give her an employment in a general store. Now, she is one of the earning members in her family.
She is now happy having a decent job and helping her family financially.

The center has extended the hand to help Praveen thinking of her future that education is most important in every one’s life. After Continuous class and follow up she has made her personal quote with us realizing the importance of education “Education can lift individuals out of poverty and into rewarding careers”.
The center is motivating her to attend the private coaching center to make her complete her studies at least till 10+2.

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