Case study – July ’16 – Mangadu S. Surya Kumari

S.Surya Kumari, 56 yrs old is a Home maker from a middle class family. Her husband works in a private firm & her son studying in school. Even though she studied till +2 she was totally dependent on her husband and her son for all the home needs except grocery purchase for the house. She came to know about the NDLM center through her neighbour. At first she started to come only on her free time then later on she managed het time to attend sessions in NDLM center. She joined the center to gain knowledge on computer as there is no fee structure here. But later when she learnt about e-commerce she showed much interest in it. She thought it, a smart way to get rid of her husbands and sons help. She started buying her home needs through online shop. She also pays her electricity bills online nowdays. She feels relieved that she can manage on her own without being dependant on her family. She is very happy and thankful for the center for making her life easier.

She is now planning to buy a tab for her personal use to access facebook to make a community on it with her friends and neighbours to share their daily activity as a kind of forum. She even found her long time friend on facebook.

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