Case study – Nov’16 – Salem Bhaskar G.

I am Bhaskar G. I am 36 years old. I work at the Handicap Association and my monthly salary is Rs. 5000. I came to know about this center through Watsapp advertisement from my friend. I joined the course to learn how to use the Government websites and fill online Govt. forms. The course has exceeded my expectations as I have learnt a lot apart from just browsing. As I am handicapped, this course has made my life easy because now I can use internet banking and pay all the bills online. I am looking forward to find a new job, as I know the basics of computer now. The trainer was good and able to deliver the knowledge properly. The course has helped me build confidence in myself and also has made me independent. I strongly recommend my friends and others, who don’t know computer basics, to join this course.

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