Digital Literacy: Helping to climb up the career ladder

Making the most of the opportunity that can help you grow and shape your career!

Once upon a time..

Ashok Saini was a 52 year old volunteer working with an NGO. He was highly underpaid due to lack of basic computer knowledge and skills, which are necessary in today’s employment scenario . His salary would not even allow him to pursue a basic computer course which could help him rise in his career.

A Wish Comes true!

When Ashok heard about the Cvent supported Digital literacy center, he sprung-up on the opportunity and started pursuing the course at a nearby center. The free-of-charge course and flexible timings really helped him to manage his sessions on computer skills as well his volunteering work very smoothly.

And he lived happily ever after

Ashok has now successfully completed his course and has been promoted as the supervisor of the Rehab center. He is now very happy and feels extremely confident managing all the computer based tasks at his work.


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