Kherwadi Social Welfare Association- Yuva Parivartan

Kherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA) was established in 1928, with an aim to restore upliftment of underprivileged youth in India. Through its flagship program, Yuva Parivartan, KSWA engages with youth from slums and rural areas, and provides them with training in vocational and other skills and helps them find self or wage based employment. 

Yuva Parivartan has a pan-India presence, with operations spanning 17 states in India, and training over 1,00,000 students a year. Because of the widespread team it is essential to keep the data safe and secure.  

Being an NGO they could not afford a huge cost on anti-virus that will protect their data and system from malware and virus. The Symantec Donations from BigTech keep their network virus free, protects their data from viruses and malware.

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