My Kartavya: Building a volunteering ecosystem

Be the change you wish to be!

Once upon a time..

Rajni K who lives in Delhi volunteered for Mykartavya program initiated by NASSCOM Foundation. This became a great opportunity for her to showcase and improve her skills and also allowed her to contribute towards the development  of society.

A Wish Comes true!

MyKartavya program also gave her  the convenience to pursue online volunteering work from home and the NGOs could reach out to her directly through emails.

And she lived happily ever after

It has been a great experience for Rajni and she is planning to participate more often in such programs. The MyK volunteering program also gave her self-satisfaction and happiness and she feels that people should volunteer at least once in their life to gain experience and learn new skills .

“I am thankful for giving me this opportunity to participate in the program and work as an online volunteer for NGOs.” – Rajni K.

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