Skills for employability: Helping to pursue your dreams

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Once upon a time..

Marshal, who hails from a modest family in Puducherry, lives with his mother who is the primary bread earner of the family since Marshal’s father passed away in 2014. Marshal was always interested in pursuing Masters in Design after completing his graduation and build his career in the field of Media.

However, his family constraints and financial situations did not allow him to pursue his passion for designing and he went for M.Sc. in Electronics from Pondicherry University instead, as an alternative.

Marshal still aspired to learn designing but there was no college/ university that offered such course in Puducherry and he could not afford to leave his mother with all the responsibilities at home.

A Wish Comes true!

To his good fortune (as he shares), one of his friends introduced him to the CODE<A> FUTURE  program. The program offered modules on web designing and HTML coding which instantly made him interested and he went ahead and enrolled for the training. He found the program very enriching and learning oriented and the training methodology was quite interactive. The modules followed game based learning approach which helped him grasp things very quickly. Being a quick learner and equipped with a background in computers, soon he was training other students at the center.

And he lived happily ever after

CODE<A> FUTURE program has virtually directed him towards his next milestone to become a UI/UX designer. The program has been fundamental to his career in building his web designing and coding skills. His is still passionate for designing  want to innovate in the area of user interface and create an experience as none which has existed so far. He feels, a dream which was dormant has now been propelled by CODE<A> FUTURE program.

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