Skills for employability: Helping transform your life!

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Focus and hard work are two key tools to shape your future!

Once upon a time..

Kola Raju had always dreamt of working in a corporate office., but even after completing his Bachelors in Commerce he was unable to get a decent corporate job. Being the eldest child in his family with financial responsibilities of his siblings, Raju had no choice but to start driving  an auto-rickshaw. However, little did he knew that driving an auto rickshaw would change his life as one day on his regular route a man boarded his auto who was a trainer at the Microsoft Code <A> Future at T. Challapalli center. He then convinced Raju to join the training center. Raju took this opportunity of upskilling him self and enrolled for the training where he also got counselling from the Trainers.

A Wish Comes true!

Raju came out to be one of the most hardworking student at the center and his ever growing interest towards coding, especially the games, would make him repeat certain modules over & over again. He brought a smart phone to the center and requested his trainers to help him learn Mobile Internet. He also became one of the first few auto drivers to accept electronic payments in Amalapuram using his phone and also started helping other auto-drivers to learn the electronic payment modes especially during demonetization.


And he lived happily ever after

His focus and hardwork towards upskilling himself in digital technology finally paid off. While he did clear first-round interview with Paytm organized at the Code <A> Future, he could make it to the final round. However, he did take away a lot of learnings from his interview and finally secured a successful job as an Accountant in a Karnataka firm.

Raju expressed that the counselling he received at the center from FIDR team is something that will remain with him forever as it helped him gain more confidence to take up new opportunities in life. The journey has just begun…

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