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Official Partner for NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum

Thematic Categories

Through the advent of technology, Internet penetration and increased adoption of smart devices, the way students learn has started changing. Technology has played a key role in disrupting the education sector and will continue to shape it by offering better accessibility, distribution and
formats of educational content delivery. It is only through technology that we can solve the three core issues of the education sector—access to quality education, effective learning and personalization—at scale. The use of technologies to enhance educational outcomes and promote
social inclusion in education has also been one of the main goals driven by the India Government. The ‘NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum – Mphasis Education category will invite applications from innovators that have created tech solutions in the area of Education.
Solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Primary Education, Secondary Education & Higher Education
  • Knowledge Dissemination/Awareness
  • Skill Development
  • Vocational Training
  • Capacity building & training Programs
  • Any other in line with the above

NSIF Process

  1. 1
    Application Process

    Read through the rules and regulations to apply.

    1. Choose Applicant Type:

    Choose the type of applicant you are. NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum invites applications from different stakeholders/ types of applicants -

    The NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum will invite applications from:

    Not for Profit Organization -

    An ICT led innovation by a registered NGO which helped achieve social development, or aided a community. An NGO can be registered as a Charitable Trust, under Society Registration Act or under Section 25 of Indian Company Act.

    For Profits and Social Enterprises -

    An ICT innovation by a for-profit enterprise whose entire business is linked to social development. To be classified as a Social Enterprise for the purpose of the Forum, the annual turnover of the organization must not exceed Rs. 10 Crores.

    2. Check Eligibility:

    After choosing which type of applicant you are. Please ensure you check and meet the eligibility criteria for the same. 

    3. Choose Thematic Category:

    Choose the thematic category in which your innovations fits. There are six thematic categories the Forum will be focusing on.

    4. Create online account

    To apply for the Forum, you need an online account. 

    5. Form A Application

    Using their online account, applicants need to provide necessary details under Form A for further screening.

    6. Form B Application

    On the completion of Form A screening, selected applicants will be invited to fill in a more detailed form.

  2. 2
    Selection Process
    Initial Jury

    Eligible applications (combined Form A and B) will be screened by our initial Jury comprising of experts from corporates, not-for-profits and academia. The Jury will select three finalists from each thematic category. The selected applicants will be intimated for project validation.

    Project Validation

    Our validation partners and representatives will meet the finalists at their project locations and/or set up calls to verify and validate their projects.

    Final Jury presentation

    The finalists will be then invited to present their innovations to the Grand Jury comprising of eminent industry leaders.

  3. 3
    Mentoring Process

    Selected projects in the Social Enterprise, Not for Profit and Student category will undergo mentoring and attend online and face to face capacity building workshops. These projects will be selected by the Initial jury panel based on their potential to scale and create impact. Projects selected from this cohort will receive grants to help their projects scale and grow.

    A calendar for mentoring will be shared with the selected projects.

  4. 4
    Honouring the winners at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum

    The winners will be invited at the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum and will be honoured at the inaugural session by the Chief Guest.


Get to know more about NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum through Frequently Asked Questions


Please ensure you check and meet the eligibility criteria for participation in the forum


Read through the Rules and Regulations before you apply for participation in the forum

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