Blank Solutions – Sparsh

Sparsh is a single cell refreshable Braille display that converts any form of digital data into its equivalent Braille form. It is a stand-alone portable device running on a microprocessor aimed at introducing the visually impaired to the digital realm. It includes a self-learning module that aims at teaching the visually impaired Braille script, at their own pace, the speed of which is set by the user. The device can connect to other devices via Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi. Sparsh comes with a keyboard that has a few navigational buttons, which doubles up as a “Perkins Style Keyboard”, a common keyboard type using which it is possible to type in Braille.  It has internet access through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, Self-adjustable reading speed, the Ability to switch from Braille to auditory screen reader, `while browsing documents, websites etc, an inbuilt self-learning module to learn reading and typing in Braille script without a teacher. It also has a bundled dual-purpose Perkins Style Keyboard.

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