Certificate of Appreciation: Paperless Automated Testing, EduLabs Solutions



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Contact Person – Onkar Parmar, Managing Director and Rahul Shinde


Challenge: Examinations of all kinds are conducted on paper. In India, 20 crore children take about 100 tests every year in their schools, using about 4000 crore sheets of paper. This requires 48 Lakh trees to be cut for the sake of testing alone!


ICT Innovation: Edulabs advanced cloud based solution for paperless tests is served over web or android devices. Typically a computer can serve 10 tests per day if used by one person at a time. So a computer can conduct 3000 tests for a school. The computer will typically be good for 5 years, hence will save about 1 L paper sheets over 5 years. The assessment solution can be deployed in the computer lab of the school and is very easy to use for students and teachers, emulating their paper based testing requirements.


Impact: The paperless testing solution provides analytical tools and ease of delivery. The solution has the capability of saving upto 48 Lakh trees per year.

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