Election Watch Software Association for Democratic Reforms and Webrosoft, New Delhi



Election Watch Software (EWS) is a web based application that is created to streamline data entry and data analysis of data pertaining to background (educational, criminal & financial) information of candidates contesting elections. EWS generates data used in SMS Campaigns where it provides a user with information of candidates in his constituency on the user’s mobile phone.


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  • The voters now have extensive data pertaining to the background of candidates and parliamentarians from their constituencies available through various sources (website, mobile phone, toll free helpline). This data includes the crime, assets, liabllity and education related data to give a better perspective on a candidate
  • Media get relevant information for numerous stories that help in formation of the big picture (eg. Percentage of Criminal Candidates fielded by different Political Parties in a state)
  • It helps to run more effective campaigns related to informing voters and pressurizing political parties to clean up politics
  • Political Parties get structured & insightful information is used by honest party workers to build pressure for change

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