Empathy Design Labs Pvt Ltd – Kriya

KRIYA is an IOT (Internet of things) solution where a wearable design like a patch is placed on a mothers belly and it provides information, alerts and further suggestions on a mobile app. Mothers of 28+ weeks pregnancy are suggested to wear the patch for 1-3 hours depending on her pregnancy type- High risk or Low risk pregnancy. They have designed a software application which they use to acquire, save and filter data. This software will take the shape of mobile app once Empathy Design Labs ports the solution further after acquiring the best signal possible using their algorithm. This app would contain User profiles – Mother’s age , Weight , Height , Prime/Multi parity , High/Low risk pregnancy factors and details of everyday pregnancy parameters which would be determined from the wearable patch – KRIYA. They have Identified 4 states as priority places for the pilot study to test the ICT and patch design – i.e. Balasore [Odisha ] , Barabanki [Uttar Pradesh] , BR Hills [Karantaka] , Ramnagar [Uttarakhand].

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