GVK Emergency Management Research Institute & Mahindra Satyam, Secunderabad



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Challenge :
Every year in India, more than 4 million deaths occur in emergency situations, owing to the presence of any Emergency Response Service (ERS).


Innovation : 
The 108 Emergency Response Service by GVK EMRI and Mahindra Satyam was conceived to address the issues of accessibility, availability and affordability. This not-for-profit service delivery model integrates emergency response for any type of emergency – Medical, Police, or Fire – through a toll-free number. Currently, this service is provided at Rupee 1 per citizen per month.



  • With its presence in 11 states of India, the 108 project proceeded from a fleet of 70 ambulances in 2005 serving 14 million people living in 27 cities and 50 towns of Andhra Pradesh to safeguarding lives of up to 372 million people with 3,006 ambulances in present day. 108 handles 1 emergency every 8 seconds, and saves 1 Life every 8 minutes.

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