Healthpoint Services India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi


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Challenge :
Heath related issues in rural areas, including existing quality of drinking water, general unavailability of qualified doctors, and high prevalence of sub-standard medicines.


Innovation :
e-HealthPoint provides a unique, innovative multi-service delivery platform for low income communities – rural broadband to support healthcare services; modern workflow tele-medical software based around electronic medical records that connects an urban doctor to the rural population; point-of-care diagnostics for more reliable diagnosis; and water treatment providing communities with safe drinking water at affordable price point of 10 paisa per liter.



  • e-HealthPoint provided more than 30,000 consultations, 15,000 diagnostics, 35,000 prescriptions, and access to safe drinking water for more than 500,000 rural inhabitants. More than 60% of these clients are women and children.

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