ITC Limited

Transforming Lives and Landscape

ITC came up with some viable options in the area of social and farm forestry. After investing in RandD, they came up with BCM clones, that not only grow faster, are disease resistant, require less water but also has 3-4 times more productivity under rain fed condition and 6-7 times under irrigated conditions.

This made ITC forestry programme a commercially viable options for farmers and communities. In the area of watershed development, a unique PPP model was used wherein the scale and resources of the government, community mobilization skills of NGOs and the management skills of ITC together provided higher wealth generation capability to the beneficiaries and achieved a larger scale operation. In the area of waste recycling, ITC provides special bags to accumulate dry waste like paper, plastic and metals and arranges periodic collection through outsourced agencies. Waste paper is used by ITC to manufacture paperboards and other materials are sold to recycling industries.

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