Krishi Suchak

Though India is at the forefront of the digital revolution, yet there remains a large digital divide between the rich and poor and urban and rural. This has left many of the poor and marginalized in the dark, lacking access to basic services and more so information. No sector has been more severely impacted than the agricultural sector. A lack of information has led to bad farming practices, ineffective pesticide and fertilizer use, soil degradation together resulting in lower yields. Though a number of efforts on ground to assist farmers and disseminate necessary information on good farming practices do exist they lack scale and effectiveness.

Nubesol is one such organization trying to pioneer change in the sector. They have built KrishiSuchak, a smartphone-based Android App. It is a simple chat based communication platform between farmers and agriculture experts to exchange information using text messages, photos, voice messages, and videos in English or a local language. Farmers from any place can ask for help or solutions to their problems through the app. The questions are routed through a series of levels before they reach the right expert who then advises the farmer in a one on one communication using KrishiSuchak. Farmers can ask questions on pest control, nutrient management, crop care and market intelligence and farmer grievances. Services are currently available in English and Kannada. KrishiSuchak is offered free for all the farmers.

Currently there are over 5000+ farmers on the app from across Karnataka and Maharashtra. The organisation aims to reach over 5 Lakh farmers in the next 12 months.

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