MGNREGA Commissionerate for Rural Development, Development of Rural Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh with TCS, Hyderabad


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) passed in September 2005 guarantees 100 days of wage employment in a year to every rural household across the country. MGNREGA in collaboration with TCS created software that helps to increase efficiency, reduce leakages and has an effective way of wage disbursing process.


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The initiative has created:

  • Transparency and visibility: citizens, media, NGOs, officials, politicians can view and use data live on the internet
  • Increase in accountability: Details of personnel & officials involved in implementation at each stage are being logged into the system increasing accountability
  • Minimizing fraud: The system has effectively blocked leakages thereby reducing fraud. By making available Standard Schedule of Rates & productivity norms in the system, there is no possibility for excess estimations and sanction of funds
  • Minimizing effort and administrative cost: cumbersome process of preparing estimates has been simplified duly saving several man months of unproductive time
  • Accurate and faster wage payments: payment cycle has been reduced to less than 1 week. Payments to wage seekers are being made through Bank/Postal savings accounts through finger print authentication
  • Change management: Changes in policies, work estimation standards, payment rates during the course of implementation based on ground realities can quickly be adapted
  • Program Monitoring: Every work & rupee spent can be tracked. Reports required at all levels are readily available, reducing the effort of preparation of such reports and increasing accuracy of dat

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