One Home One Toilet

There is a dire need for proper sanitation facilities more specifically the need for clean functioning toilets in urban slums across India. Lack of these basic amenities significantly impacts health, nutrition and pollution levels in slums. It is also detrimental to the quality of life of slum dwellers including the elderly and unwell as well as the safety and dignity of women and children. Additionally, while the government has offered solutions, these solutions suffer from lethargy in on ground implementation.

Shelter Associates have created an end-to-end urban sanitation software solution. The solution aims at using data driven technology to impact long term sustained behaviour change. On one end the solution starts with a data driven city wide GIS mapping of sanitation infrastructure in slums. Household and individual level surveys are conducted to collect data, analyze and target specific crucial needs. On the other end the organization uses the data collected to work closely with municipal corporations, infrastructure providers and NGO’s to ensure construction of sanitation units and sewerage systems. The organization has started using tablets to collect and input data in to their web platform. The organization also runs awareness workshops and drives in the slums to educate individuals on the importance of effective sanitation.

Till date Shelter Associates have mapped 500 slums over 4 cities and have impacted over 50,000 people directly. They have also constructed over 6,000 individual toilets and have the potential to impact a population of 2.5 million.

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