The Kabadiwala

The concept of project ‘Kabadiwala’ is an online customized portal and a SMS based solution that connects Kabadiwalas with households as well as recyclers. With the twin aims of empowering the Kabadiwalas and ensuring greater recycling efficiency, the students will set up an information agency. The agency will also serve as an enabler platform for Kabadiwala branding, skills training, and operations streamlining.




  • Every kabadiwala involved in the project is expected to increase volume of recycling by 48 tons every year, and reduce operating costs. The project expects an increase of Rs 7500 in monthly net income
  • Their children can go to better schools & their families will appreciate their positive & contributive role in society
  • Households will behave responsibly while earning
  • Positive environmental impact – 13.5 million kilos of waste will be diverted from landfills and recycled by Year 3 of operations

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