Thinkerbell Labs – Annie

Thinkerbell Labs is an organisation that aims to revolutionize education for the visually impaired by using technology to make Braille literacy more accessible. Their flagship product Annie is an audio-tactile device that makes self-learning and classroom teaching of Braille possible. Annie runs on a Raspberry Pi and consists of three major modules – a refreshable braille display, a digital braille slate, and a Perkins style braille keyboard – in one device, thus helping visually impaired children learn how to read, write, and type Braille on their own. The technology will enable self-learning (which is completely missing in today’s methods), enable efficient classroom teaching akin to mainstream classrooms, introduce collective and competitive learning, ease homework delivery and evaluation, and bring in easy tracking of progress. Annie is a super light-weight, portable device that children can easily carry anywhere. Soft typing keys, soft touch pad in the digital slate, and large cells in the reading module ensure that the device is extremely child-friendly and easy to use.

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